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    Over the years, patients and families have looked to IA Advisors for medical and treatment advise.

    Medical Second Opinion provides expert consultation for the diagnosis of any medical condition and treatment recommendation without your having to incur the expense and trouble of leaving home. You needn´t travel to the world´s leading medical experts – IA MSO brings them to you.

    With IA we assist you will consult world-renowned physicians from the comfort of your home utilizing the customized second opinion service that is right for you.

    When should I get another medical opinion?

    • When your insurance or company requires it before it covers your treatment
    • Having the opportunity to know the several options for treating your condition
    • Consulting another to asses if treatment your doctor recommends has significant risk
    • Consulting another to asses if the treatment recommended will greatly affect your lifestyle, work or family
    • When you are pressured to make a decision and want more information
    • When you do not have full confidence in the recommended treatment or in the doctor

    How can I get another medical opinion?

    • Your doctors may refer you to other doctors or specialists.
    • Ask friends or relatives who’ve been treated for the same condition.
    • Ask for a list of approved doctors from your medical insurance company or your employer’s health plan administrator.
    • Call your local medical society.
    • Check the Local Medical Directory, the Directory of Specialists or other professional directory at your local health portal.