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The TPA services offered by IA guarantees extensive and comprehensive coverage based on the experience garnered from our business experiences in Malaysia and in Indonesia.


Our strength lies in our ability to map and provide diagnosis for diseases and to provide the necessary detailed reports , of the cost for each treatment, types of medication involved, and the average costs of these medication thereby ensuring that there is little or “NO room“ for abuse in charges for medication and treatment.


Control measures are strictly adhered to, as we have put into place SOP’s to control abuse and to identify any and ensure that there will be no excess charges be it in the Clinics or hospitals.

Our Services, comprehensive and efficient:

Membership & Data Management and Administration

Provider Network Cashless Access

Domestic, Regional and Worldwide Accredited Healthcare Providers

Medical Claims Administration, Adjudication & Management

Cost Control, Containment & Management

Cost Advise

On Sight Cashless Discharge with Claims Excess Management

Tools for Medical Monitoring and Online Reporting

On Site Visits, with personalised patient services

Medical Concierge and VIP Services

Medical Second Opinion

Emergency Assistance Access Services

Full Scope Services:

  • Hospital & Surgical
  • Out Patient
  • Maternity

  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Medical Health Screening – Corporate / Insurance with preferential rates