IASB starts year 2022 with a roaring white tiger

A MoU has been inked between IASB and MHTC on 03/01/2022 during The Expo in Dubai. This marked a new milestone for IASB in providing Cashless Borderless Healthcare Access.

IASB represented by Mr Vincent Wan, CEO and MHTC represented by En Mohd Daud, CEO. Both parties will collaborate in bringing Malaysia Healthcare as the Hub & Preferred healthcare destination for Medical Tourist.

IASB specialized in Managing Employees & Individual Healthcare Benefits globally and domestically expanding her wings in Dubai and globally to provide borderless healthcare services Anywhere, Anytime while ensuring cost containment for the clients and seamless service for the policy holders.

MHTC CEO, En. Mohd Daud Mohd Arif & IASB CEO Mr.Vincent Wan